Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Welcome to the Dark Carnival! Preview Shop Update 2/28 5pm pst

Etsy Shop Update 2/28 at 5pm pst :D
Meet Adrianna the Dark, Dorina the Brooding and Ecaterina the Innocent
 Mysterious things happen at the carnival. People have been known to go missing and no one ever looks for them. What you think is real could just be the lighting in the funhouse. But for those that live at The Dark Carnival there is no other way and no better way ;)

 Ecaterina The Innocent

wasn't sure how she came to the Carnival. Telling her story to the others she wonders if she has always been here. She knows no life outside the tent walls and is sure she does not want to.

approx 12" length double jointed hat is not removable

$185.00 usd SOLD

Dorina the Brooding
always felt like she wasn't good enough. There were far prettier girls in the Carnival with talents that exceeded her own. Inside she just knew she did not deserve the attention she received. With a pout on her face she struggled through the day.

Dorina $185.00 usd SOLD
approx. 12" length double jointed removable hat

Adrianna The Dark
was a wonder on stage she could twist and turn contorting with the best. She thrived in the spotlight. The after hours were much darker for her, being alone with her thoughts were not her best times.

Adrianna The Dark approx. 12" length removable hat
 double jointed
$185.00 usd SOLD

And something extra special! 
Hugs and thanks soo much!

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