Sunday, February 3, 2013

Preview for shop update 2/04 at 3pm

I have 4 Art Dolls for this shop update. ;) 
Feb. 4th at 3pm pst.

Steampunk RA88ITs in the Shadows
I have been bit by the Bunny Bug I guess lol
These 3 mini 9" girls are sort of a continuation of my Steamie Rabbits I did last year. ;)

RA88ITs were born in the Spring season to a settlement near the reactors; where the earth is still warm. These small pale skinned creatures all had light colorful hair;  thought to be from the radiation still present. There eyes were a reddish hue that reminded the elders of 
 an old tattered childrens book left behind in the colony.  The elders saw odd pictures of beings with long protrusions atop their heads. It was then decreed that all Children of Spring shall be identified with the protrusions, well their version of them. 

Little Steamie shoes with eyelets and golden painted details

has wandered the shadows for as long as she can remember. She will continue her journey through the darkness to find her sisters. She senses they are close.

$165.00 usd SOLD
approx. 9" length "double jointed"

has been waiting in the shadows hiding behind a box for an entire day. Paralyzed by her fears she weeps uncontrollably at the thought of never seeing her sisters again.

$165.00 usd SOLD
approx. 9" length "double jointed"


has decided that there are worse things than wandering the shadows. She has heard tale of bright lights that burn and cold winds that howl. It is still warm in the shadows and has decided to wait for her sisters to find her.

$165.00 usd SOLD
approx. 9" length "double jointed"

And here is Paramour a creepy kind of girl who stares out at you from behind a mask ;)

She can tell what you are thinking and knows the results before you do. Keep her close and never lie....

Paramour approx. 12" length
"double jointed" with removeable mask and two tone hair ;)
$185.00 usd SOLD

And there they are thanks for looking! Hugs!!!

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