Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentines Day Shop Update Sweetie!

Wandering through Wonderland :)
I have wanted to make some standing dolls for what seems like forever since I discovered Art Dolls. I have either never had the time or the guts. lol These Dolls represent a personal goal for me and I am so happy I took the plunge :D
Etsy Shop Update 2/14 at 2pm pst.

Something else new for me...the little pull toy and the wagon
I love the idea of these and think you will be seeing this type thing in the future lol

Each one of these Dolls is constructed a bit differently. Alice is sculpted onto her stand and while her arms are pose-able her legs are fixed to forever wander through wonderland.
The Queen can be removed from her stand as only her feet are in a fixed position on the base, she lifts right off. And Then there is my daydreamer Heather Lynnwood she has no stand but can stand on her own ;) Balancing on her feet.

 Alice approx. 12" height 
$245.00 usd

The Queen of Hearts approx. 12" height
$245.00 usd
Heather Lynnwood

approx. 11' height 
$215.00 usd

Thanks so much for looking at my New Art Dolls ;)


  1. Your dolls are gorgeous! And awesomely detailed as always!!!.
    Love them!
    Teresa in California


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