Sunday, February 17, 2013

Howdy! Tiny Toes

Hello! it has been a bit since I just said Hi. I have been having fun playing dolls and trying new things ;) 

and after making the last standing dolls I had such an urge to make the shelf sitters again it was like I was away from them for too long! lol Almost like cheating on them! hahaha

So I created 2 12" Victorian Memento Mori girls and ahhh I feel back to myself lol!
These girls have little toes. ;)

I was reminded by a suggestion from a friend that I should make toes;
 I had forgotten some of my first art dolls had toes!

Pippa from 9/2011
Ash from 10/2011

Clara from 10/2011

It is surreal to look back at these Art Dolls and use an element I had long forgotten. I am seeing a lot of muslin muted colors too. Toes muted colors and flowers lol 


  1. oh, i could never make toes!! they are so cute! and i love seeing how your work has evolved over the last few years. they just become more and more lovely....

    1. Thanks soo much Amber :D It is so strange to look back lol xoxo


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