Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Halloween Ghosts

Ghostly girls from long ago.
So I was watching Amadeus the other night. Such great eye candy in that film and I was inspired by Constanze, well mostly minus the cleavage lol The powdered wigs the all. So here are my two ghostly girls from Long ago Constanze in chains and Kate in stitches haha Both are jointed at the shoulder and hip only. They have super glossy eyes. I created from combining resin and that inktense ranger gloss. First they are coated with resin and then after the heads are baked I fill them in all the way with gloss. Looks like they are crying or the eyes are all wet. Their shoes are just painted on. Their legs have cheesecloth srapped around them with a dark ecru shade of thread wrapped around and around.Threads are wrapped around their arms and bodice of the dresses, I just love the thread detail. Constanze is painted in pinks and white. Kate is a bit more extreme with dark blue and black stitches about her face. Their hair is super white wispy lambs fur pulled back and tied with thread. Both are about 7" tiny things :D


  1. wow their eyes are so expressive, they are very pretty in a hauntingly sad way. I think Kate is my favourite. Very interesting to hear how you create them :0) lovely work! :0)

  2. Thanks much I had a lot of fun with them :D


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