Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pear Picking

What A fabulous morning! My youngest daughter and I went out to the orchard and picked the Bartlett Pears. We ended up with 4 baskets. They were small this year because of the late rain. But some of them are so ready to eat they were falling off the trees. The smell was intoxicating lol the pears that have fallen start to ferment; some people call it rot! hahaha But its a great smell this time of year. Just not looking forward to all the fruit flies that will follow since so many pears are left behind.

We are fortunate that the orchard is literally seconds from the house. I think we are going to go back tomorrow morning. There are just so many left over it is a terrible waste.
The grapes are late this year too. The White variety grapes are going to be awhile longer before they are harvested. Then starts the crush and the trucks going up and down the road all hours of the day and night. 
It's a busy and exciting time.

I can't wait to start canning and pear pies :D


  1. Hi there I really love your dolls and your paintings, the goth style and feel of your work is brilliant!!! :0) Lovely orchard too! I'd love to live on a property so close to so many family members sounds fun! :0)

  2. Oh Thanks so much :)It's been an adventure living so close to everyone that's for sure lol We have been eating pears like crazy the last week! Tomorrow we start on pies! haha


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