Friday, September 9, 2011

September Girls finding a style lol

My 3 new girls for September. I think I might have finally decided on a standard face. Ya umm pretty sure lol! I am keeping the wrinkly nose and the down slant on the upper eyelid, eyes are probably always going to change cause I have too much fun making them :D  The coloring has been evolving into a heliotrope and blue. They kind of look like they are crying or have pinkeye! haha A bit of a chin, previously they had next to nil. Hairdos of sorts for everyone. They have always mostly had threads running through their manes to tame them, but I have started tying in locks of hair instead of tacking it all down. I take a bundle of wool and tie it with thread I then sew it into the existing hair. I like the look. It's hard to see the detail in pics, in person it's really quite nice. My last group all had toes, 4 of them :D And while I like that, it's getting colder outside hahaha they need some foot coverings. Sooo....
What I did different for these girls is their shoes. I have only made shoes once before. Everyone always had painted on shoes.  
Here is Bernadette. She is really the only other doll I tried to make shoes for. Her shoes are just slippers really over stripey socks. 
But my new girls have shoes with straps and patterns on the toes. The one in the middle Harper has boots! I am so excited. 
Another change is their fingers are more slender. Still 4 of them cause I really like that, they are more separated too. And this set of dolls has pretty straight arms only jointed at the shoulder. The last 3 I did were larger dolls by several inches and their arms were bent at the elbow and wrist, only having joints at the shoulders. I guess I am trying to come up with a standard look... Larger dolls jointed at shoulder and bent at elbows and wrist. Smaller dolls jointed at shoulder and straight. I am really thinking this will last for a moment because I am sooo easily bored. I'll give it a shot.

Happy Creating!


  1. Pretty girls! Like the one on the left :-)

  2. Your September girls are fab! And good luck with finding a style...I think that's a very hard thing! At least for me its been pretty elusive!

  3. Thanks much Mademoiselle G and Unusual Girl!
    The style thing is feeling a bit stifling lol I love soo much stuff that I think I am a tad ADD O_o
    I'll keep at it though see where it takes me :D


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