Monday, September 19, 2011

Melancholy Marmalade

What is the saying Life imitates art? Art imitates Life? lol
Either way wow my gut and insides are sooo translated into Marmalade. Woke up this morning just feeling ugh and  realizing I am soon to have an empty nest. I have one child left at home. She will be 15 soon, I have been raising them for the last 25 years. What am I going to do? 0_o Just me and my girl in a pretty big 4 bedroom house. I started looking around... all my kids are in other towns most in southern California. Will we have Holidays Here? prob not, some of them have their own families now and want us to come to them. I feel like purging the house taking my girl out of school and home school her buy an RV and travel! hmmm wonder what she would think? lolol I should probably just make some art. hehe
As I was taking Marmalade's pics this morning and posing her she fell into this slump. She looks like oh no now what? what the heck am I going to do? haha and that is where I am at. Love her though :D

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