Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sophia in the Works

Sophia Dia De Los Muertos Day of the Dead. 
Sophia is not finished yet, but I thought a little pre photo shoot would get her in the mood lol I just finished tacking down her hair, it is still a little wild. I plan to add more locks by sewing them in and then pulling it back. 

She has a removable hooded cloak, I think it is still too large I need to adjust it. Overall I do like the look. She also has some Victorian style boots that are not shown. 

Her face is painted with an opaque paint marker. I was not sure about the regular acrylic with her skin color. I tried a test and it was super heavy and thick looking, so the paint marker won out :D 

Her eyes are crackly and a bit scary looking. They did not photograph well. I used a pink and gold mica that I baked before the paint was dry. The paint cracked so nicely I put the resin over and was amazed at how much depth they ended up with. 
Hopefully I will have her finished shortly and off to her photo shoot for Etsy :)


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