Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Belinda Gothic Angel

Belinda Gothic Angel
I love using the dark brown color Living doll clay it's been a blast I just cannot get the orange cast off the pics. Drives me crazy! I swear I need to learn how to use my camera. I keep falling back on Photoshop to correct all my photography faults...it's getting to be too much. I think I am going to take a photography class at the college next year. LOL
Anyway... Belinda is about 12" and I adore her wings. If I were a better photographer you could see them hahaha
They are on a black wire frame. I used black sheer polyester and just loosely cut it out to the size of the wing frame, leaving an inch to overlap. I knew I didn't want them too neat, so they are scraggly. I have sewn the fabric again loosely around the frame and then took the black thread and just started stitching and wrapping and crisscrossing the thread around the wings. 
Done :D hehe

The wings are then sewn to her back. The wire is pliable enough to bend the tips and pull the wings out or wherever :)

This one I did get the orange cast off but she is too de-saturated. ugh

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  1. I love how you dressed Belinda. Flounces of cream. And the wings are perfect!
    Awesome angel!


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