Friday, October 14, 2011

Strawberry YoYo - inspired yoyo doll

My 3 year old  granddaughter is visiting this week and she loves to watch Strawberry Shortcake on Netflix over and over and over again. The song is stuck in my head strawbababababababerry! So I sat down next to her on the couch and I can't just sit it drives me crazy. I played with my iPhone for awhile got bored and this doll head that I had and had not done anything with was just staring at me all the way across the room from my studio. Seriously it was! hahaha I started painting her face and she started looking like a strawberry (to me) I painted dots on her forehead reminded me of seeds and a pinkish tinge became her. I was inspired! I found some small print fabric in a pink color and started sewing her clothes. I hardly ever start out with a strict idea of what my dolls will be dressed in, I usually let it evolve. I will go and grab some fabrics I like and see what happens. Well a puffy jumpsuit started to develop. Her limbs started to look like yoyo dolls in my head. Silly cause they really do not but too me they did 0_o
I could remember making little clowns out of scrap fabric yoyos when I was a kid in girl scouts. A million bazillion years ago. haha 
 The whole while my granddaughter is still watching Strawbababababerry.
Her hair sealed the deal for me, white Tibetan Lambswool that I dipped the tips in Strawberry koolaid! A few yoyos later and some in her hair, here she is! My Strawberry Yoyo :)

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