Sunday, October 9, 2011

October Girls

Here are my Minis For October. Willow in Green, Felicity in the top hat, Salma Dia de los muertos and Melanie in the front in Rags :D They are all approx. 7" in length...trying to stay to the style thing I mentioned in an earlier post. Slant of eyes,wrinkly nose,chin,4 far I can stay to that . Where I am playing more is painted faces. The eyes, while I love the pink colors around their eyes, I yearn for some darker colors as the seasons are changing. 

Felicity Here started out with pink around her eyes. I even posted her on Etsy this way. I adored her clothes but her face was lacking. And well the views for her showed she was lacking! I almost just left her up but last night I had a dream and she was in it! eek spooky dreaming about my dolls now! I saw her with long spikey eyelashes. I woke up this morning redid her and she had a new photo shoot and wow I love her :D
I don't normally redo dolls. Actually I don't think I ever have? Not even sure if it's kosher to do so? But oh well Here she is and I am happy!

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