Sunday, May 29, 2011

wood peg people

I Bought some Peg People awhile ago and never did anything with them. lol That is usually what I do I get so easily side tracked I buy supplies and then umm do nothing. Ah well I decided to give them a try. I crocheted a little bunny ear hat in black hemp with a super tiny hook size 5 tatting for the larger one and a striped knit stocking cap for the tiny bee size one. Well they are ok but not quite what I wanted. So again looking in my supply stash I found a fresh package of paper clay. Ooh now I was excited! haha So I sculpted over the pegs :)

I cannot wait to paint these! They should be dry by tomorrow. I am so excited I started sketching out what I will paint. This is something I don't usually do, I generally let it all flow organically.
These are some of the ideas for the larger sculpted peg dolls. I like the tattooed man and lady idea, sort of circus freak status. 

For the little ones I like la Muerte of course ;)


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