Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Mini Dolls

I am so excited I found a new passion. I have been making these mini Art Dolls and just love them :D I make them from Living Doll Polymer Clay and have some of the eyes I made from Gel du soleil. I love this stuff :D I tried 2 part epoxy, Not a good idea, too many bubbles. I found a tutorial for eyes that used Fimo Transparent Gel. Does not work for me unless I want the eyes to have cataracts! haha. So I am sticking with the Gel. :D
Anyways I love these little dolls they are no bigger than 6" some as small as 4".
an assortment lol
new Dia de los muertos

Heads waiting for bodies but I made the eyes too!
my creepy Charlotte


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