Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New shop back from vacation

So I am back from vacation! I am excited to get back to work. I have some new goodies I have been working on and I finally opened my new shop on Etsy :D http://etsy.com/shop/lulusapplesauce. This is where I will put all my felted friends from now on. It feels good to start cleaning out LuLusApple, it was starting to lose focus. I sold a doll while on vacation too! woohoo goodbye Lovely Dolores I will miss you ;( and I managed to get a couple orders for Paintings too. I will put up pics of those soon.


  1. Well, I just blew it. I had a long post here about Marina who has a doll eye tutorial on one of the doll ning sites, but she may also have it on her blog. She also has an etsy site where she sells Gel Soleil which is how she makes her doll eyes. It's fast and simple and looks fabulous. She said she used to feel like pulling her hair out trying to make doll eyes and finally figured out a lovely way to make them. I guess if you do a search for doll eye tutorials made from Gel Soleil it may come up on a search.
    Any way, from one doll maker to another.
    I have been a member of the Cloth and Clay doll ning site since the fall of 2008, and have enjoyed the many doll tutorials, and groups to join all for the inexpensive fee of $10 a year. And there is also Doll Town ning site run by Jane Des Rosier too. I know you probably know some of this already, but I still mention it to other doll makers just in case.
    Hope some of this helps as I am a bit vague as to where to find Marina's doll blog. And it may be that simple to type that into a search too.
    Teresa in Central California

  2. Hi, Lulu
    Yes, you can find 'Marina's doll eyes tutorial' by typing those words on a Yahoo search. The search will show Marina's dolls blog and one of the first ones that is listed has the doll eye tutorial. Click on that and it will take you straight to her older post where she shows photos how to make the eyes and also directs you to her etsy site to buy the Gel du Soleil, which is pretty inexpensive and last a very long time.
    Teresa in Visalia

  3. Oh thanks so much. I actually ordered some of the Gel from Marinas Etsy shop about a month ago and then lost it. I was so frustrated! lol I looked everywhere online and it was sold out except the giant bottle for 60$. So I headed to a craft store and bought some 2 part epoxy. Ummm mistake! haha. I tossed out a ton of eyes. But I managed to get some Gel from amazon and made 8 pairs of terrific eyes. I will for sure check out her tutorial :D Thanks so much!


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