Saturday, May 21, 2011


I am having so much fun making these smaller dolls :) They are all around 7" but I am thinking of going even smaller lol. 
This is Emma she had a bad day at the tea party, her tea did taste a little odd. She is almost finished I need to make a tea cup for the poor thing. I am also running out of angora curls. I need to buy some more, I have some green, black and orange left. I love the white its more ghostly to me :D


  1. That is a beautiful dress she's wearing! Yes, we should all be leary of the funny-tasting tea. Or purple kool aid.

  2. Hi Lulu, love your site and your dolls are amazing.. I have just started making dolls...they don't even come up to Prims standard at the mo...but practice as they say makes so glad you joined me and I found your 6th follower....have a good weekend..


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