Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Autumn Feeling ;)

I have tweeted this and facebooked lol But the weather over the last week here has been spectacular and inspirational. I am so in the mood for Autumn. I created a masked girl Birch a few days ago. It was so drizzly and cold outside I lit candles. I had the house to myself and popped in some scary movies. I was loving it! After Birch came Reine The Reluctant Pumpkin Princess and Then Katara the creature of the night. 

Katara felt alive when the sun left the sky. The night spoke to her and all that she was. Hiding behind her mask she could be free and follow her heart. During the day her life was much more constrained, oh how she longed for the night.

Birch had some mayhem in her life and was nearly at the end of the turmoil. When her drama crept back in and overtook her very being. She felt unconfident of who she was anymore, more so of whom she had become.
Befallen to this predicament she found comfort behind the mask.


Reine sits alone in the Throne room, unaware of what is to come. Thrust onto the throne the day her Mother the Queen went missing from the Goblin City. Having never attended any official parliament business she is terrified at the prospect of her new duties. How will Reine cope without her mother by her side and how will she have the courage to rule?

Along the Autumn Theme I had created these 3 sets of kids with Imaginary friends. These are inspired by my granddaughter who has an imaginary friend named Michael. Michael is constantly in trouble and when asked why can't Michael go home I am told His mother is at work ;)
Imaginary Friends Pepper and Millicent the Corpse

Pepper has a problem and she follows her everywhere she goes. Her Problem is Millicent. Pepper's Mother thinks Millicent is her imaginary friend. There are times when Pepper seems to be talking to herself, but really she is talking to Millicent. Pepper gets in trouble and blames Millicent; Mother is getting tired of hearing everything is Millicent's fault.

Miss Marla And Bunny

Miss Marla knows that when life has bumps Bunny will be there. After all that is what she imagined her for. A child in a time of trouble needs a hand to hold and and ear that listens Bunny has both ;)

 Benny and imaginary friend Boyd~Boy Art Dolls ;)
Benny thought it would be fun to conjure up an Imaginary friend. He was after all an only child with a lot of time to spare since his parents were always traveling. Little did Benny realize that when you create an Imaginary Friend they are yours for life and beyond. Benny had best get used to the situation.


  1. They are all just lovely!
    But Reine has captured my heart! She's spectacular!

  2. Ron you are so sweet! Thanks much :D

  3. Think my favorite is also Reine! Adorable :-)

  4. Hi LULU! It was a joy for me taking a walk tru you blog! Your dolls are all amazing! You did a marvelous job on the clothing and the faces are fabulous! I love them all!
    Have fun,

  5. Wow... these are so awesome, love their expressive sad faces and eyes! Stunning work!

    // Virtual Boy

  6. Thanks so much everyone sorry I am late posting replies. I have to get back into blogging! Thanks again! I appreciate that you took the time to comment!


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