Saturday, June 2, 2012

Steampunk wind up girls

My 3 key girls who live in a land of new machines and their wind up mechanisms are outmoded.
You can see why they would be a bit sad the last of their kind and not knowing where they fit in this new world ;(
Amandine the blonde Neellie the reddish bown haired and Yasha the strawberry blonde.

Their Keys atop there heads were made from a mold. My first time creating molds from objects. It was a bit dicey lol 
The keys are stone clay so I had a fair amount of sanding before they were painted. But I really liked how they turned out. I found the original Key at our Barn sale we have been having for the last month. Actually I found a whole stash of them and plan to make molds of them all so I will always have an impression of them ;)


  1. The keys are a great find! I recently have been working with vintage prints and finally, finally have been able to do something with my grandma's botanicals that I could never throw out! The really funny thing is how ugly I thought they were when I was a kid because at that time they were out of style! Such a silly kid!
    Anyhow, sorry to run off there when I really meant to say-
    your girls and their story are fabulous!

  2. All three of them are gorgeous!
    the key was a fantastic idea.....reminds me of a crown from days gone past!

  3. I have come here through Catherine Constance, she told me you have some dolls I may like a lot and she is totally right. I made a freak doll for a challenge over at Cloth and Clay dolls. I wasn't sure I would like it but I have to say now she is half finished I do love her and seeing your dolls has made it even worse for me lol!

  4. Hi Manon ;)
    Aww thanks I'll have to pop over and see your work! Creepy style dolls are addicting lol I have not been over at Cloth and clay for awhile I am gonna have to see what they are up to such a wonderful bunch of artists :)


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