Monday, July 23, 2012

Here comes some changes! Shop Update Newsletter

Thar be Changes Ahead At LuLusApple
7/25 update :
Things are going great and have been working on a new series. These Dolls will be ready by next week ;) Thank you everyone who has convoed me support! I appreciate it, some of you know how much of a nervous Nellie I am about change! haha 
If you have not signed up yet the first Newsletter will go out next week. Hugs L.....Carry on ;)

I have been having a blast making Art Dolls. And thanks to my wonderful Collectors I have been creating a lot ;D I love to wake up everyday and be able to fulfill my dreams by creating.
Along with creating I have been fortunate to have met fun people from all over the world and the love that I get in return when my dolls travel to their homes is the best! ;)

With all the fun there have been some snags while trying to list the Art Dolls and be fair to all  .. So in an effort to minimize the not so fantastic parts, I am implementing a new and hopefully improved way of offering my 
Art Dolls.

Starting this week I will no longer be listing individual dolls one at a time but instead be making a shop update with several dolls available at once in my Etsy Shop. 

What does this mean? 
Where in the past I would list individual Art Dolls as I finished them, preceded with a small update in my Etsy Shop announcement if I knew I would be listing shortly. I will no longer be doing this. Instead I will make a shop update by listing several New Art Dolls at once, One time a week or bi-weekly. 

How will this work?

Prior to the listing day I will make announcements in my newsletter that you can sign up here for

Sign up for Shop Updates

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on Twitter @lulusapple and in my Etsy shop announcement. (under the shop banner)
Important: A Preview will be available the Day before the Art Dolls are listed here on my Blog. The Art Dolls will not be available for reserve. But merely a preview of what will be listed in my Etsy Shop the following day. 

Reserves Will No longer be available immediately on newly listed Art Dolls.
All previous reserves and layaway's are still valid and will continue to be per our individual agreements. 
However New Reserves and Layaways will not be available until an individual Art Doll has been listed for 5 days and has not sold in that 5 day period. This is to allow those that wish to purchase a doll a chance to. I will at that time take requests for payment plans. 

Why am I doing this?

I have been fortunate to have a fantastic group of collectors. Thank you so much <3 ;) Because of this my Art Dolls can become reserved quite quickly. And I appreciate this, I do ;)

But this is where the not so fantastic part comes in. It has become increasingly difficult to field convos and tweets for upcoming dolls. It takes a lot of time to respond to convos from the first to reserve and to people who were not first to reserve. Also its just not fun to tell them they missed out. ;( Along with this the disappointment expressed in these messages that there is not enough time to get a doll before they are reserved, that people cannot be on the computer all day and the time difference between countries has made it frustrating for many, has all  been part to promp this change.

So I have decided after many weeks of struggling with how to make listing Art Dolls as fair as possible; That this is the best way currently to handle it.

This does not mean I do not appreciate and love all of you who have continued to support my Art ;) It is merely a change that I need to make in order to continue to create ;) My wish is to have more time to paint, something I love, and to offer you the new Designs in Art Dolls.

 I hope you will understand and if you want to contact me personally please do so ;)


  1. Hey Heidi
    sounds like a great idea to me (especially being on the other side of the world!!). It is important that you do what works for you.Looking forward to the first preview.
    Hugs.............Leanne xoxo

  2. wow I hope I will be that popular one day, or rather my dolls. I hope I will get my hands on one of your gorgeous creatures one day!

  3. Awe! Thanks you two! It really means a lot that you took the time to comment :D I was pensive to say the least at how this would be responded to. I slept well last night for the first time in a while thinking I did the best I could to make this fair. Hugs! to you both and thanks!!


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