Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My girls took a pic together :D

Autumn Girls

My New Autumn Girls :D I am having a blast with my new head style. Willamena an Autumn Witch using grapevine twigs from my local vineyard. hehe Ash my steampunk sweetie, using findings and cast off jewelry from my girls and Pippa my dia de los muertos creepy clown. I am not a foot person but I like the toes on my dolls. lol 
I get soo bored from making the same thing; that is why I love making dolls. Speaking of bored I need new fabric lol Good excuse to go on a treasure hunt! I have not made it to the GoodWill yet. So this weekend that is my quest, new fabulous fabrics.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Miss Mae Halloween Dollhouse doll

My sweet Miss Mae doll was inspired by my sweet baby granddaughter :) I just loved her legs in the swing picture she has her feet poking straight down. And her outfits are a jumbled mix of patterns just like I love. Her mom does her hair so cute and always different. What can I say I love my girl!

My Doll has stationary legs so she can stand propped on her toes. Her purple polka dot leggings and brown maryjanes are painted on. This doll is made from the medium skin tone living doll. I received some by mistake (I usually use the light) and never used it; it's softer than the light color, more sticky and I actually had to set it down so often to cool down this doll took 3 times as long as my other ones. But I do like the flesh color. Her arms are jointed only at the shoulders and really do not move that much because of her sleeves. Her eyes are hand painted right onto her and shine :) She has a little Halloween friend skeleton doll that is not attached, is not jointed at all and made from white polymer clay.  


Monday, August 22, 2011

I got a gift today!

OOH!!! I got a surprise in the mail Today :)
Made me smile all day and smile every-time I look at it what a cutey!!

This could not be your first doll! It is adorable!

Thank you Lisa I love YA! 
She sent me a book thong too woohoo It is in one of my sketchbooks :)

The Horns are white they did not show up well :( 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Little Litch

Litch is always dreaming of something sunny and in the middle of her sunny thoughts always creeps something troubling. 
Poor Litch. 
Check out her sunflowers with little skulls in the middle :D lol

Back to school

Well this week that phrase has many meanings for me.
First off 2 of my young ones are going off to University ack.....I am actually having a harder time than I thought dealing with it.  Then my baby who is 14 almost 15 haha is going to be a sophomore in high school another ack. what comes this year is the dreaded permit to drive...leaving school at lunch (insert heart attack) Mom I want to get a job..... After 4 older siblings you'd think I would have a handle on this. This one is worse she is my baby (insert sob)

One last schooling adventure is my dolls have changed and for the better I think :D
Darby here is my little back to school darling who like me is having a hard time.
She is pouting and red in the face and she is sitting under an oak that has been around since I was a kid.
You see we live on property that has been in the family for.. well forever. A Beautiful hillside we call Turkey Hill for all the wild turkeys that roam it. And just literally a look out the front door to wineries and pear orchards. I have family living nearby in their own homes we tease you can't spit without hitting a relative... can be awkward lol
So this tree and the others around it have seen many a lazy summer many a daydream by me growing up as a kid visiting my grandma. I can remember laying in the tall grass staring up at the sky making little houses out of acorns and twigs just whiling the hours away. 
I know Darby would rather spend her time daydreaming too :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Pumpkin Pack

  Here they are The Fellows of Pumpkin Pack local #4067 Northern Chapter. They come from far and wide to get together once a year to discuss the crops, new hybrids, and swap pie recipes. I have heard they even have a  fashion show! It's quite a conference.   
  They wear trousers akin to golfers with a mishmash of tops twisted stitched and tied. They each have different eyes too. black teal,red black and black white. These eyes are from a new batch of eyes I made. They are more domed and work well for the smaller eye sockets. I had a lot of fun making these little guys. They are all about 5" sitting and around 7-8" in length. 
  Middle pic is just after they were sprayed with walnut ink for a dirty ages splatter look on their clothes, reminds me I have to buy some more! 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pumpkin Heads

Pumpkin Heads :D "starts" as I like to call the pics I take of doll progression. I don't know maybe there is an official word but that is what I like to label the pics.
I enjoy taking pics as the doll evolves. I find that I make 3-5 at a time and sometimes someones neck breaks or they get swooped up by someone and never see the light of Etsy lol. But so far all three of these fellows have survived. They are wearing little pumpkin hats and are making some strange faces. They have not told me yet what they would like to wear but I can see little vests. Maybe some bones or just more pumpkins :D