Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back to school

Well this week that phrase has many meanings for me.
First off 2 of my young ones are going off to University ack.....I am actually having a harder time than I thought dealing with it.  Then my baby who is 14 almost 15 haha is going to be a sophomore in high school another ack. what comes this year is the dreaded permit to drive...leaving school at lunch (insert heart attack) Mom I want to get a job..... After 4 older siblings you'd think I would have a handle on this. This one is worse she is my baby (insert sob)

One last schooling adventure is my dolls have changed and for the better I think :D
Darby here is my little back to school darling who like me is having a hard time.
She is pouting and red in the face and she is sitting under an oak that has been around since I was a kid.
You see we live on property that has been in the family for.. well forever. A Beautiful hillside we call Turkey Hill for all the wild turkeys that roam it. And just literally a look out the front door to wineries and pear orchards. I have family living nearby in their own homes we tease you can't spit without hitting a relative... can be awkward lol
So this tree and the others around it have seen many a lazy summer many a daydream by me growing up as a kid visiting my grandma. I can remember laying in the tall grass staring up at the sky making little houses out of acorns and twigs just whiling the hours away. 
I know Darby would rather spend her time daydreaming too :)

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