Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Miss Mae Halloween Dollhouse doll

My sweet Miss Mae doll was inspired by my sweet baby granddaughter :) I just loved her legs in the swing picture she has her feet poking straight down. And her outfits are a jumbled mix of patterns just like I love. Her mom does her hair so cute and always different. What can I say I love my girl!

My Doll has stationary legs so she can stand propped on her toes. Her purple polka dot leggings and brown maryjanes are painted on. This doll is made from the medium skin tone living doll. I received some by mistake (I usually use the light) and never used it; it's softer than the light color, more sticky and I actually had to set it down so often to cool down this doll took 3 times as long as my other ones. But I do like the flesh color. Her arms are jointed only at the shoulders and really do not move that much because of her sleeves. Her eyes are hand painted right onto her and shine :) She has a little Halloween friend skeleton doll that is not attached, is not jointed at all and made from white polymer clay.  


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