Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sweet Gothic style

I love Goth Creepy strange weird dolls. Yup those are the dolls for me. I never played with dolls when I was a kid other than a Mrs. Beasly doll and yup those are pretty creepy lol. I had smurfs and Breyer style horses but never prissy baby dolls, just wasn't interested in them. So I suppose my obsession with making dolls now in my 40's, strikes my mother and family as odd. For me the odd thing is that I just started making sugary girly clothes for my dolls. But their faces and circumstances are for sure not sugary. Here is a sneak at my newest art doll, Bo. She is close to completion I want to style her hair, maybe add some goth jewelry and a hat. I adore her dress and her eyes the most. She is a bit larger than my recent dolls, about 11", she is still sweet ;)
pink sweet gothic lolita style art doll ghost OOAKsweet gothic lolita costume art doll sculpted OOAK
sweet pink gothic lolita art doll OOAKsweet gothic pink lolita art doll


  1. Sweet is right! Love her. Costuming is spot on!

  2. She is wonderful! You did a fantastic job on her dress:)


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