Sunday, June 19, 2011

Memento Mori Irene

goth victorian memento mori death art doll post mortem

black Victorian mourning dress memento mori art doll OOAK
Irene dearly departed wife, mother and daughter. Died much too young of something far too curable in our lives today.
Her family could not bear to part with Irene before a photograph was taken of her. So they clothed her and put make up on her and propped her up for her first and last photo.  She looks like she is enjoying the sunshine or pondering some deep private thought. 

I love those old Memento Mori Victorian photos. They are so creepy and sad, most of them are the only photos family had of their loved ones. 
Irene is sculpted from living doll polymer clay and dressed in black Victorian mourning attire. These photos are photo-shopped to look old lol, I will have more when I list her on Etsy. I think I will have some fabric behind her when she has her photo-shoot, if I can find some small plants to prop her with that would be cool too!


  1. She's beautiful! I like the way you did her eyes closed.........very cool.

  2. oh thank you! I tried with open eyes and they just didn't do her justice. I am working on a man and trying to get that blank stare with open eyes, it is really hard!


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