Monday, June 27, 2011

A Pirates life for me! Kathryn Jones and the Skeleton Crew!

set of 3 skeleton art dolls miniature

Pirate girl art doll striped costumeSkeleton crew pirate art dolls miniature
Pirate girl goth skeleton 
I love Pirates and have had these dolls on my mind since we returned from Disneyland in April. They are silly and absolutely not serious. They have tiny skulls and bones made from white polymer clay. I have embraced the 4 fingers haha! 
Kathryn is about 7" and her hair is Tibetan lambs wool, which is wispy and I love it. Because it is so fine it takes awhile to adhere to the doll head. I tried e6000 and don't care for it. I find myself going back to "crafters pick" glue for just about all of my gluing needs. I recently ordered some new colors of wool and cannot wait for it to arrive. Kathryn's head is a bit smaller than some of my recent dolls and I think I might stick with this size for awhile. I added ears also, previously only Aaron had ears, he looked so naked without them! I am also toying with the idea of longer legs; I like them jointed at the knee and if they are too short they almost disappear beneath the dolls. :)

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  1. ooowww spooky pirates... gorgeous as usual... I'm a huge fan of long legs especially stripey...


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