Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Next Newsletter ;)

Thanks all! The last newsletter and shop update ran so smoothly. And thanks again everyone who purchased and sent me encouraging emails about the process! It is so wonderful that you all took the time to send me a lil note ((hugs!!!))

Here's a tiny preview of upcoming Art Dolls.
 I tweeted Her last night 
She is my Sweet Mummy WiP

I hope the Next Newsie will be out by Thursday. It will have some more previews and the date and time of the next shop update. I have a vacation coming up August 14th-20th. We are heading to SoCal to see family and Disneyland Fun! Just a note there will be no shipping during that time period or shop updates until I return :D And I know I will be back with loads of inspiration and itching to get back to sculpting!
Follow me on Twitter cause I am sure I will be tweeting my vacay!
Many Hugs!!! LuLu


  1. I think your dolls are brilliant - Melancholy - but beautiful. Great work look forward to seeing more of your wonderful creations.

  2. Thank you for the complement :D I love that... melancholy ;)
    That's perfect!


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