Friday, August 10, 2012

8/10 Art Doll Preview Day!

Hi Again! Welcome to Art Doll Preview Day ;)
Today I will be showing 5 New Art Dolls. Some of you know I have this thing for 3s and last Shop Update I only listed 2 Girls with their Coffin Monsters. Sometimes they want to wait, the right girl for the job just doesn't present herself until later lol So I try to let the Art Doll tell me who she is... and guess who showed up for dinner last night? hahaha
It's Morven! :D

So let's get started!

 Below are the 5 Art Dolls that will be listed Saturday August 11th at 1pm pst to my Etsy shop 
Sizes are approximate and prices are shown in US dollar

Please remember there will be no reserves or layaways offered in this series until the Art Doll has been listed for 5 days. After that time I will take requests for reserves and layaway. 
Thank you for understanding. You can read more about my Shop Policy changes on the tab above listed as Shop Policy ;)

This is only a preview please do not send Paypal monies for these art dolls all sales will be through Etsy ;)

Thank you again! 
Hugs!! LuLu

Morven cant help but wonder if she hadn't come to this place, been there when she was; would her life turned out as it had~Fate she pondered.

Luella crept through the same rows of houses almost as if a ritual. Comforted by the familiar sights and sounds she thought she had once known, now only mist from a what seems like a dream.

Afton wandered the world lost. Unsure if she could find anyone she knew and unsure if she should. She woke or became aware of herself not long ago.  This awareness brought with it a longing to seek out others. An uncontrollable yearning to touch something she wasn't even sure could be touched.

Fall8N was a child of the Late season. Where the winds began to change and the night became longer. In Colony life much like ours it was a time for celebration and reflection. A celebration of all they had accomplished in the year and reflection to remember those whom had come before. Fall8N and her kind always looked forward to this time of year it was their duty to prepare. It was their Birth right.
The rest of the year she had a duty with no recognition when the other seasons where in their Glory, Fall8N was in the shadows. 


Fall9N was unlike the other Late season clan that lived in the Colony. Oh she looked similar to them as tradition dictated she should, but inside she was not the same. The others were thrilled of their season, they were all a chatter about the preparations. But Fall9N knew there was more to the Late Season than revelry and pompous celebration. She put her mind to finding out what....


  1. Love them all! They have such fun personalities! Hey, I am going to attempt a haunted bride doll and may hit you up for some advice... just a fore-warning!

  2. Thanks!!:D
    ooh is that for adq? convo me through Etsy I would love to chat!!Hugs!!!


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