Sunday, April 29, 2012

removable doll clothes

My latest experimentation came as a result of a full body torso. I have made a few torsos in the past with navels only but their clothes have always been stuck on, sewn on, glued on. These girls came with lil boobies and buttocks ;)
I liked them so much I wanted them to be able to be seen if well anyone was so inclined hehe
So how could I make removable clothes that kept the same style I have been creating? I thought oh this is easy! umm no! lol I have so much respect for artists that create doll clothing whew what a chore! but fun too. 

The first problem seemed to be bulk. Tiny seems that bunched up and were worse when layered. How could I close them without them being bulky? and how could I achieve all that tattered look without them being even more bulky. 
Well the answer to most of it came with thin sheer fabric. My cotton tea stained muslin were way too bulky and stiff. stretch jerseys were pretty good. But living in the sticks I had a tiny supply available.
 Solution came in cotton 200 thread count sheets for most lingerie lol thin flimsy and tattered very easily!
Fastening I tried ribbon but again too bulky since I had to stitch them in place and that added another layer of bulk. Hook and loop? way too bulky.  I ended up using vintage hook and eyes. I like the way they looked as they could be part of the detail decoration ;)
The next layer had to be simple. A dress with the same tattered style but simple with not so much flounce in the skirt.
The flounce would come as the top layer the coat. And I loved making the coats! 

While I was creating the coats I forgot that their little hands had to be able to come out. lol redo!

Boobies below ;)

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