Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The monster under the bed

Addley and Noley.
I don't make many dolls of children, I prefer adults lol. Maybe because I have so many kids of my own lol I have 5 kids and 2 grandkids and a new one on the way! omgosh I cannot even remember my own birthday. And I have started to call them all everyone elses names before I get to theirs, just like my mother ;D
So I am reminded by my granddaughter Carrie that things go bump in the night, monsters could eat your toes if you hang them off the bed and everything is larger than it seems ;)

Addley like most children fear sounds that go bump in the night. Also like most children things appear larger than they actually are. One night the usual bump in the night made a faint cry. Addley sat terrified of the sound until out crept Noley from under her bed. When the two met face to face Noley was just as frightened as she. ;)

I created Noley out of Stone Clay which is new to me. I really liked the properties and the texture once I was finished. The only drawback for me is that instant satisfaction from polymer. I love to sculpt bake and enjoy. The waiting for it to airdry was painful lol Addley is created from living doll polymer which is my preferred clay ;)
Their dresses have multi vintage trims I am still going thru my hoard that I was gifted. I started to wonder what will I do when it runs out? Nowhere near that happening but i still had a thought. It really is like owning the vintage lace store. Thanks again Anita!!! ;)


  1. Carrie is sooo right! things are larger than they appear and I never let my toes hang over the edge of the bed! She's smart!

  2. my oldest daughter (Carrie's mom) likes to tell stories..she told her about the Toeman that eats little kids toes!! yikes I was scared!


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