Thursday, May 14, 2015

Coffins a tiny resting place for art dolls.

Hello! How is everyone? 
There are only 169 days till Halloween! haha. How about some coffin girls to celebrate? 
lulusapple art doll Pangari Coffin girl
I have been using these coffins for a long time now as a comfy resting place for the creepier girls ;)

Loretta Lulusapple coffin girl
What I really love about them is that I get to paint them and use some extravagant vintage trims, millinery flowers of all sorts and fringes ;)

lulusaple coffin mini art doll

Ellendres Gloom LuLusApple Art Doll Coffin Girl
what better excuse to get to the thrift shops and yard sales for some!

Camila the green lady Coffin Art Doll Lulus Apple
each girl is tucked in with crazy colors and patterns, stripes are always welcome!
Little Darlings Vampire art dolls coffin LuLusApple
super vibrant silks with crosses and skulls ;)

Vanessa The Vampire Coffin Girl LuLusApple

Delia and Vinny Coffin Art Doll LuLusApple
can't forget the pumpkins and skeletons!

MiniGor miniature art doll coffin girl LuLusApple
aqua green is a favorite color of mine...someday I plan to paint a few rooms in my house with it :D

Adelaide Coffin Girl LuLusApple
Some prefer to lay in the coffin all day, some like to lounge outside it.

Vampire Wednesday Coffin Girl LuLusApple

coffins are a whole lot of fun!


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