Friday, April 26, 2013

Shop Update 4/26 at 4pm pst. Dark and Dusty Nursery Rhymes ;)

Ghostly Nursery Rhymes
I made these eyes and thought they were pretty creepy ;)No pupils and well that just says dead or ghost to me lol Originally I thought I would make them into shadowbox dolls; but by the time I finished with their bonnets they could not fit comfortably inside one of my boxes. At 14" height they stand alone haha well with their creepy friends Bo comes with a little needle felted lamb and her hook of course ;)
Miss Muffet comes with her spider a length of fence and her comfy tuffet ;)
Bo Peep Did not really lose her sheep she knew exactly where to find them 
In the butchers shed they were mostly half dead.
When Bo came running after them. 

She loved a good lamb chop as much as the rest her decision to sell at her families request

The squeals of the lambs did make her heart stop

but couldn't bear for her favorite lamb to end up in a pot

When the butcher protested she felt some rage her hook went flying into the butchers rib cage.

The struggle ensued until the last sound Bo heard was a snap
She saw herself falling and her head went Craaacckk.

She felt some relief as the butcher fled
Her favorite lamb saved although she was dead.

Bo Peep One of a kind Ghostly Nursery Ryhme 

225.00 USD 
Bo is approx. 14" length with her huge bonnet ;) She has paper millenary flowers and a tiny bird in her bonnet. Vintage trims, antique hook and eyes, Vintage and new fabric handmade eyes a little needle felted sheep (her favorite)
A Sheep hook and leather shoes ;D All tea stained too.

Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet but did not care for the taste of her curds and whey.

Her stomach started to churn her throat began to burn when a strange spider started creeping her way.

She thought she would heave if the spider did not leave this was all too much to take.

She looked at the fence and thought she could pull of a stake to smack the spider away.

But the spider sat down and looked at her frown 
He thought she didn't look right. 

In a blink of an eye he gave her vittles a try.

And they both stared at each other with a great fright.

Their heads began to bobble their legs were a wobble.

But only she fell from this life.

The spider he sat and had him a great snack and then he wobbled away.

Miss Muffet. 225.00 USD
Approx. 14" length to the tip of her bonnet. She wears vintage trims and dupioni silk. antique hook and eyes paper millinery flowers atop her head ;)little leather shoes too. She comes with her polymer and wool spider a comfy tuffet and a length of shabby fence. All tea stained :D

 And every bedtime story needs a bear ...little Copper Bear ;)

75.00 usd approx. 9" height has wired legs and can be made to sit or stand.


Thanks so much for having a look!


  1. Simply wonderful!
    Adored Bo's story, she's truly ghastly. :)
    Copper Bear is just too cute.
    Amazing work, as always.

  2. I love your stories almost as much as the sculptures...twisted and fun.


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