Thursday, January 10, 2013

1st Shop Update for 2013! Ghostly Love ;)

Happy New Year! My First Shop Update of 2013 Friday 01/11 at 1pm pst 

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Reserves and Layaways are back for Art Dolls once listed on Etsy convo me for details if you are interested.

I have 1 couple for you and 2 Girls.
These dolls have some hand dyed fabrics and trims little leather shoes and some crazy big hair lol!

January and Jasper

 They found each other in life and decided to take their love to the next level...The afterlife.

Approx. 12" each Length "double jointed"

$300.00 usd for the couple SOLD


Lilly Bug

She had a penchant for bugs especially those that are drawn to the light. She would lay on her porch and watch them head to the flickering candles. Sometimes they would get too close and burn, she thought that was especially interesting.

Lilly Bug
Approx. 12" length "Double jointed"
pale porcelain skin

$185.00 usd SOLD



Lore sat in the room surrounded by pillows and over stuffed furniture. She felt comforted that she might be passed over amongst the fluff. She was not in the mood to converse tonight and if no one saw her, all the better.

approx 12" length "double jointed"

$175.00 usd SOLD

Thanks so much for viewing the dolls and I'll see you again soon ;)

Hugs! LuLu


  1. They get snagged up so quickly. I was here RIGHT at the click of 1:00, saw them there, and then they were gone in one split second. I'm glad you're doing so well and your dolls are so incredibly anticipated!! : ) They're lovely, as usual.


    1. Thanks Lotus :D
      They went really fast this time. I was surprised for being the first of the year, and that I had been away for a few weeks ;)

      Thanks so much! Hugs!!!


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