Friday, April 1, 2011

International Shipping

I am working on adding International Shipping Prices to all my Listings on Etsy,  it's really frustrating. I am an impatient person so I am already bored after the first page of listings, that's why I am here posting lol. So I guess the problem is it looks like way too much for shipping. Take an Art Doll. One of a kind so I should insure it and track it. So that makes the shipping 35.00 ugh. But if I don't insure and track it I have no recourse should something go awry. I would say over half of my sales have been international and I have shipped most of them First Class, no tracking at all fingers crossed no issues. But I keep reading in the forums horror stories of lost packages, lost money and bad feedback and Etsy keeps pushing the importance of international shipping. So here I go and hoping I don't get stung O_o

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